"Writing is not simply putting words on a page.
The process of writing begins somewhere else, and the words on the page are the result of this process. So where does the process begin for me?"

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 "It's great to see a chick-lit book set in SA, with cultural references we can relate to."

The Natal Witness (Laura Melville)

 "As entertainment, Send and Receive is diverting, well-edited and fun - and who says a good book has to be more than that?"

Citizen Vibe (Julia Paterson)

 "Let's hope Alissa keeps on rolling out the chick lit…"

Crescent Blues Book Views (Moira Richards)

 "The familiar South African setting enchanted me… Such rare pleasure to read about places that one knows so intimately that one can relive the experience as the pages turn. Even more thrilling to read dialogue laced with idiom so familiar, so everyday yet at the same time so rarely encountered in fiction. Were I a South African abroad I would have wet the pages of this book with tears of homesickness." (Barbara Buhrer)

 "Baxter has previously written two Regency books (The Dashing Debutante 2002 and Lord Fenmore's Wager 2003). Now she has given us a delightful modern miss with all the problems and feelings of adjusting to her adult life. The plot is well constructed; well written with a diverse likeable cast of characters. It is an enjoyable story with the reader experiencing Angie's life with her."

Fairlady (Frances Cross)

 "I enjoyed this book, which made for entertaining light reading…"